An enterprise-grade tool for small businesses, award-winning back-end visibility for CSPs

Plume WorkPass is the first cloud-based system created as a holistic network solution for managing valuable small business customers. Designed without complex set-up or IT requirements, WorkPass empowers business owners to take control of their network through connectivity, security, and productivity tools.

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The WORKPASS APP provides full network transparency for business owners

WorkPass app features

  • Intuitive self-install eliminates the need for technician scheduling
  • Instant feature access provides unparalleled control
  • Easy onboarding and support for multiple admins
  • Customization of everything from feature availability and logo, to privacy and support
  • Automatic identification and labeling of all connected devices
  • Available in multiple languages
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LINK combines flawless adaptive WiFi with powerful business tools

LINK adaptive WiFi features

  • Self-install in less than 10 mins

  • Patented adaptive connectivity through band steering, prioritization, and machine-learned optimization

  • Automatic business continuity with LTE backup for near-zero downtime

  • Network Visibility offers automated speed tests, and quality of experience (QoE) ratings per connected device

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CONCIERGE helps business owners turn their data into actionable insights


SHIELD provides enterprise-grade security for small business networks

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KEYCARD keeps employees engaged and maximizes productivity

KEYCARD employee retention features

  • Custom Employee Profiles make it easier for employees to connect their own devices

  • Individual device approval clearances can be set, depending on the level of access needed

  • Content filters automatically cloud-update, for a safer work environment

  • Employee Analytics reviews timecard data, app and data usage, and time spent to support future scheduling, onboarding, and employee engagement

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FLOW transforms indoor motion data into valuable activity insights

FLOW motion data features

  • Customer density and dwell-time data provides a new understanding of activity trends to predict business demand and optimize staffing

  • Insights into customer flow translate into better merchandising and layout decisions

  • Connected WiFi devices can be used to detect motion, enabling additional alerts during closed hours

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Fast, automatic firmware updates from the cloud

Here at Plume, we’re committed to innovating beyond the status quo. As with all Plume products, WorkPass delivers cloud-coordinated features and services as soon as they roll out. This means that the system will advance alongside the newest services, ensuring your small business customers are never left with obsolete tools.


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